​​The Wonder Dog Bakery

Willo and her faithful sidekick, Rounder

​     The Wonder Dog Bakery began with a dog and a dream.  Literally.  When Willo, The Wonder Dog, was a pup she enjoyed romping with the neighborhood children.  One day one of the children described a dream he had in which Willo, dressed in a cape, saved him from a multitude of evil attackers.  From then on the children referred to her as, The Wonder Dog.


     As The Wonder Dog grew she became more and more interested in the tasty home baked treats her mom made.  Unfortunately, these treats were for humans and loaded with sugar, chocolate, and other things wonder dogs should not eat.  So, Willo’s mother decided to bake treats especially for her.  Not only did Willo love her special treats but she completely forgot about Mom’s treats.  Gradually, Willo spread the word among her friends and soon all of the neighborhood dogs were begging for biscuits.


     The demand for her biscuits lead Willo’s mother to research the basics of canine nutrition.  In doing so she discovered a theory that all dogs are not created equal.  Just as genetics makes a Chihuahua look different from a Labrador Retriever it also creates different nutritional needs for each breed.  Fascinated by this idea Willo’s mom decided to start a bakery that could cater to each breed’s specific nutritional background and thus The Wonder Dog Bakery was born.​