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I don't know WITCH treat is the best.  You should probably just buy them all!
Happy Halloween, 
from The Wonder Dog Bakery!

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Rounder, head of the Product Tasting Department.  Rounder was a beloved member of the Wonderdog team.  Never was there a dog with a more pure and innocent soul.

For many years, Rounder served as the loyal sidekick to Willo, The Wonder Dog.  Although he will be sorely missed, we take solace in the knowledge that Rounder has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be reunited with Willo and that the two of them are spending their days hunting mice and lizards as they did so many years ago.

The Wonder Dog Bakery believes not all breeds are created equal.  Each breed assimilates nutrients differently.  We have developed a full line of products that cater to the needs of your breed. 
This is what sets us apart from all other dog treats. All of our treats are made in Phoenix, AZ.

Thank you for visiting The Wonder Dog Bakery.

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